Thank you, Ligon!

I peeked into my P.O. Box today...and found a flurry of thank-you letters from Ligon Middle School in North Carolina. Sula sat with me and we looked through each and every one. Some of my favorite lines:

"I liked the way you made it fun to listen to you when you talked, and the way you wanted to show people the real Miami! PS: I'm not finished with the book but I love it so far."

"I love your Book and I think you did a very good job at my school. I love florida (even tough I have never been)."

"Thanks for being a nice person and coming in, and taking time to talk to us. I really appreciate all you talked about. The 'Real' Florida is interesting."

"The book is really great. OCD seems like a very dificult condition to live with. It is so amazing that it takes 2 years to make a book. I really enjoyed the things you shared."

...and this one, from George:

"Thank you for coming to visit my third period class yesterday. I learned a lot about the true Miami, and how it is different from how it is depicted on television and in movies. I also learned about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and that it is not funny, as they say it is on television. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your cat, and your manatee, Whiskers. I found it interesting to hear about dealing with OCD and the different rituals. It was also interesting to hear about the road to releasing your novel, because I hope to become a writer one day."

Thanks for keeping it real, Ligon. I loved every word.