reading at Sweat Records: Miami

Big ups to everyone who came to Thursday night's reading at Sweat Records!

We settled into velvet purple couches, surrounded by crates of records (there's no better place in South Florida to find your favorite indie tunes) and black-and-white photos of Blondie and Vincent Gallo. I sipped mint tea with Soraya, one of my former students, who told me stories about Brazil and longboard surfing and the picnic we will share with the injured birds on Pelican island.

My friend, John, strummed original ballads on his guitar, minstrel-style. We finally got the DVD playing with a little help from Jason (who was kung-fu fighting on the Playstation).

Hugs to LoLo, who arranged the event. She is a walking encyclopedia of songs!

Double hugs to the TM Sisters for their rainbows and lightning bolts and digital photos. (They're the ones behind the camera)...

After the reading, we scooted next door to Churchills for cold mugs and conversation. Leave it to Miami to make this reading one of my favorites so far.