a Valentine for Generation Twitter

Your life. Six words.

That's what the editors of SMITH magazine dared in their collection of "terse true tales"...Not Quite What I Was Planning. In their newest book, "Six-Word Memoirs On Love And Heartbreak By Writers Famous And Obscure," they ponder matters of the heart with the brevity of a text message.

There's the woman who preferred the drive-in movie over the date. A guy who thought, "Great legs," and said, "Great smile." The one who wouldn't give up the remote. The one replaced by a mail-order bride.

Steve Almond "screwed and screwed up" before settling down, happier. Erica Jong married more than once (the fourth time is charmed). Oh. And I'm on page 128 (quoting the six words my boyfriend would whisper before I drove home at night).

Can you sum up your love in six words?

I dare you.

xoxo c.