NARC playlist

Music is everything to me. When I write, I always listen to a soundtrack. A certain song can remind me of a favorite character...or an entire scene...or just the mood for a particular chapter. At night, I plug myself into my headphones and dream of stories while I sleep. Here are the funny/sad/romantic songs that kept me going...(including some old-school favorites) during the long nights drafting my next book, NARC.

1. Sebastien Tellier: La Ritournelle "Nothing's gonna change my love for you."

2. Radiohead: Reckoner "You were not to blame."

3. Arcade Fire: Rococo "They want to own you...but they don't know what game they're playing."

4. Feist: 1234 "Those teenage hopes who have tears in their eyes...too scared to own up to one little lie."

5. Green Day: 21 Guns "Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone."

6. Asia: Heat of the Moment "I never meant to be so bad to you."

7. Alphaville: Forever Young "It's so hard to get old without a cause."

8. Dark Captain, Light Captain: Jealous Enemies "And we won't get caught, if we moved around, silently."

9. Elliott Smith: Angeles "Did you add up all the cards left to play? No one's gonna fool around with us."

10. Iron and Wine: Boy With A Coin "...making a wish and tossed in the sea. Then walked to a town that all of us burned."

11. Annie: Heartbeat "There was a time everybody was around...and I was dancing with you."

12. John Mayer (acoustic JT cover) I Think She Knows "Those flashing lights come from everywhere."

13. The Outfield: Your Love "...keep it under cover."

14. Architecture In Helsinki: Fumble "And all the guilt will follow you in a line."

15. The Cars: Drive "Who's gonna hold you down when you shake?"

16. M83: You Appearing "It's your me."