book birthdays are made of gator teeth

It's the end of summer and the cicadas are buzzing like spaceships. August is the book birthday month for NARC. Check out what's been happening:

LISTEN to the Narc playlist via Into the Hall of Books

WATCH me draw the book's characters and read an excerpt for the Friday Thirteeners

READ "behind the scenes" interviews talking about...

--my move to New York and its effect on my writing via Ditmas Park Corner

--gator teeth and air plants, the inspiration on my bookshelf via Tampa Bay Times

--behind the scenes with book Cover Stories via Melissa Walker

-- and more love for early blogger reviews <3




Claire Reads

Taking it One Page at a Time

I Swim For Oceans

This month I'm the featured author at the Ultimate YA Reading Group. Watch my video interview and find out what's next. Sneak peek at my upcoming book, Flip The Switch (Flux 2014).

On September 8th, I'll be throwing a book release party at Books & Books in Miami, my hometown. Can't wait to see everybody and celebrate at one of my favorite bookstores.

I've been signing copies of NARC all across New York City. If you spot it somewhere in the wild, tweet a picture (or tag me on Facebook). I'll mail a signed bookmark to you!

--crissa xo