...and then what happened?

When I was little, I wrote about the same characters over and over. I whispered into my tape recorder and drew pictures of ghosts and time machines. The stories were never-ending. That's what made them so real to me. Lately I've been hearing a new question:

"Will there be a sequel to NARC?"

I never planned on writing more. When I finish typing the last chapter, I try to leave my characters in a good place. It's not always a happy ending, but it's the one that makes me say: Okay. I can let go of you now. You're on your own.

While working on NARC, I designed a tumblr for the book. You can find extra letters along with lots of pictures and music:


Sometimes it's really hard to say goodbye to my characters. That's why I had fun writing a new scene from Aaron's point of view (not exactly a sequel...more like an additional scene on a DVD). During the month of October, thirty YA authors are posting stories online and answering the question: What are your characters doing on Halloween? It's part of the blogger-hosted Halloween Character Booktacular. My story is up today on A Book Lover's Review

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday (and if you've read NARC, you know it's also Morgan's birthday). Follow the links to participating blogs for a chance to win a signed and doodled copy of the book...along with lots of prizes.

Halloween Character Booktacular Badge