The questions never end. So you've published your novel? Now what? There's only so much I can take.

When is it coming out? (2007)

Why so long? (Publishing is a business. That's the way it goes.)

Have you been paid yet? (Half now. Half later.)

Are you going to be on Oprah? (....asked without a trace of irony.)


I'm still waiting for my dreaded editorial letter. Although I trust my editor, I can't help wondering what she'll want to change (Harper Collins has already nixed my original title. Who cares? They know more about marketing than me).

I'm already thinking of ways to promote my book. First I need a website in my name. Since I know nothing about code, I've hired somebody to do it for me. But who wants to read an author's website? What kind of content should it contain? And why the heck would anybody go back and read it again?

I'm still working this out...

Meanwhile, my kitten is wearing a sweater. No, this isn't kitty couture. It's the only way to keep her from chomping her stitches. She's a wild thing.