Author Etiquette for the Holidays

Dear angel-lady, I have another question of etiquette for you. Am I supposed to give a gift (even a small gesture) to my agent or editor?

By the way...I haven't even spoken to my editor in months. I'm still waiting for her revision letter (is that weird? But the final draft is due in June 2006, so I guess it's just the slow nature of the beast).

I hate waiting!


Hi Crissa - you're psychic! I was just thinking of checking in and seeing what's going on. Yes, I'm afraid if you don't have to complete your revision till June...your manuscript is in your editor's dreaded "don't have to do right now" pile. That's usually a big pile.

Lots of us like to give small gifts to the agents and editors. It is a nice way to stay in touch. I also send flowers to my editor on each pub date, a trick I learned form Gloria Rothstein...and from Dorian Cirrone I learned the best trick of all..make your gift cookies or candy that the editor can share all around the office, saying, this is from our new author goes to the sales people, the marketing people, the art director...get it?

We're a crafty bunch, we authors. But hey, we have to be. Happy Holidays!

Joyce Sweeney