This holiday season, I'm sending some Miami flavor to my publishing posse in the frozen north. Karen Hodges was kind enough to design this minimalist manatee card for me (check it out...she sewed it by hand!)

Next I needed something sweet. So I checked out La Rosa, a Cuban bakery on Flagler, known for pleasing ex-pats since 1968. The brothers Mayoral even bake a special merengue for Santeria practitioners, a sweet offering for their gods in exchange for good luck.

I've always loved marzipan candy--too adorable to nibble.

The bakers wrapped everything in colored ribbon.

As if on cue, I received an email from my agent after I'd mailed the packages. She's been bugging the publisher, asking when my revision letter will arrive. Julie says it's almost ready. Since I'm working with an associate editor, she will include feedback from her boss, the bigwig editor Katherine Tegan, before sending it out.

Thank God my agent is a professional I don't have to bother Harper Collins with silly questions like...oh...when can I get started on that dreaded rewrite? Looks like I'll be mucho busy over Christmas break.