new chapters

My jetlagged editor just returned from a wedding in India (I can only imagine the colors). She's ready to go over my revised manuscript and I am half-thrilled, half-quaking in my boots. Just email it, she told me.

I wrote:


I bet you carried some rainbow-hued Indian spices home in your suitcase! Whenever I travel, my bags are bursting with wine bottles and smuggled chocolate.

Give me a couple days to double-check the revised manuscript (I'm going to print it out secretly at work tonight...hee hee). Then I will email the entire thing as a Microsoft Word file with new chapters in place.


Now my head is filled with questions. Can my six new chapters fit into the novel, for better or worse? Will Julie shoot them down? And how does it effect the overall length of the book?

I loved slipping into my character's world again. I had no problem writing the new material. It felt like it belonged to me. Now I have to share it with someone else.

Sharing isn't always fun.