revision redux

A month ago, I mailed my revised manuscript to my editor. I included six new chapters that addressed her specific concerns about the plot. I figured if I went overboard, I could trim it down later. And then…. I waited.

Today I finally received another official-looking email from Julie at HarperCollins (complete with a confidentiality notice at the bottom). I could barely read the words because my eyes shot down the page at the speed of a crack addict. To my relief, she said that I did a good job and that she enjoyed reading the manuscript again and seeing where I’ve taken it.

She mentioned that a few scenes run long and slow the pace somewhat. Of course, I have no problem cutting anything with my virtual chainsaw. She marked some queries on the manuscript and line edits for my review. The head honcho, Katherine Tegan (whose name will appear on the book as an "imprint" of the publisher…kind of like a brand) is taking a second look before they drop it in the mail.

Oh. And we still don't have a title. Geez. You'd think that I could come up with something for a book about a girl with obsessive-compulsive disorder. I make lists and then obsessively delete them all….