the number one question... students keep asking, "What's the title of your book?" My editor says that makes sense. The title should capture the book's major metaphors. So far we're considering TOTAL CONSTANT ORDER...a suggestion from my rockstar students. What do you think?

Ms. Tegan, the bigwig editor at HarperCollins, just finished reading my latest revision. She and Julie combed over it together. While they feel "incredibly positive" about my book and believe it has improved, they say it needs more work. Gulp. In other words...cutting.

That's okay. I'm cool with throwing out anything I've written. Usually, it tightens things up(or so I tell my class).

Julie is going to explain everything in a letter, which I hope to receive by Monday.

Meanwhile I wonder: can I pull off a second revision? Will they pick a title that sucks? And don't get me started on the cover. As long as it's not hot pink, I can deal with it.