Finished...for now.

It's official! I've finished my edits...for now.

Julie says that Katherine, the head honcho, has finished reading my last-minute revisions and..."was very happy with it! Hooray!"

She is preparing the file for copyediting and the final advance is on its way to my agent. But it's not over yet. In the next stage (copyediting) I will comb through my manuscript on paper and mark (by hand!) a slew of handwritten notes about grammar, spelling, and continuity (like a Script Girl on a movie set...the guardian angel who makes sure that everybody looks the same in each shot). Hopefully I can catch the eyes that mysteriously change color between scenes.

In the meantime, Julie emailed my jacket copy. Can you believe it? There's my story, reduced to an ISBN number, a price and a plot summary, and my author bio (which says that I'm a teacher in Miami who always looks for manatees). I couldn't have said it better...