My copyedited pages arrived in a big fat envelope this morning. In the margins I see my words in someone else's handwriting...all marked in soft blue pencil. I'm supposed to review the copyeditor's queries and mark any changes directly on the manuscript by hand. If there are any adjustments that I don't agree with, I should write the word, "stet."

My editor needs it back in a couple weeks. Then she will begin inputting all the changes marked and typesetting the manuscript for bound galleys. I'll have another chance to review my manuscript in galley-form (hard copy that looks like a real book) after they print the bound galleys.

It's amazing that so many people have already read this book and have helped me whip it into shape. The mysterious copyeditor has already caught a few slips that I didn't notice before. Also--I'm glad that I've got another chance to check it out before Total Constant Order hits the bookstores next year.

Funny how "next year" sounds so far away...

It isn't.