he wrote back

Santa Ana, CA

Dear Crissa:

Thanks, belatedly for the wonderful letter. Sorry I took so long to respond. My only advice about writing is that it generally takes years of failed attempts and rejection before there’s even a small success. So don’t give up! And keep reading my books. Somebody has to. Thank your mom for me.

Jim Blaylock

Miami, FL

Dear Jim,

Thanks for taking the time to write me, back when I was seventeen and doodling stories about dragons in my algebra notebooks. It blew my mind, that someone I admired (a real life author) would send a postcard to a high school kid. I tacked it on my bulletin board, where it stayed for years (even after Hurricane Andrew smeared the ink with ocean water). My mom first introduced me to your books, starting with The Elfin Ship. She found this postcard in a photo album. I asked her to keep it for me, just in case I forget what it says.

I'm still reading.