my book has a new title upcoming YA book has a new title! MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH

The deets from Publisher's Marketplace:

"...about a teen boy whose dad is Miccosukee and whose mom is English--making him 'one hundred percent nothing' --who is determined to figure out where he belongs and who he belongs with..."

(Flux Books, winter 2014)

I can't wait to share Trent's story. I've been working on revisions for my editor and it's so much fun to revisit these characters.

Recently, I drove to the Everglades and met up with my Miccosukee friend on the reservation. We took an airboat ride to the "tree islands" in the swamp. It's always helpful to visit the settings in my books. Of course, I take lots of pictures.


chickee houses on the Rez


sun-stained ceiling of a chickee


airboats and spatterdock lilies


My new friend