ARCs are here!

Pippa walking

sneak peek of the first teaser trailer for MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH

This morning I'm in Miami, typing to the skittery music of tree frogs and bufo toads. All the oaks in my family's backyard are laced with ferns. The breeze smells like thunderstorms. This is the Florida I carry in my heart...and the setting of all my books.

MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH takes place in the Everglades--a strange and otherworldly place to call home. At least, that's what the main character, Trent, thinks. I wrote a lot of this book on the front porch in Miami and worked on my editor's notes last winter in New York. I'd look out the window at my snow-crusted fire escape and think of the tree islands on the Miccosukee reservation. A wounded gator named Quasi. The taste of frybread and the rumble of our airboat as it coasted over the water lilies.

my old friend

my tire swing has melted into the bark of this oak

obligatory sniffing-of-the-ARCs photo