elouai's doll maker 3

Okay. I'm supposed to be combing through my book, looking for continuity errors (what fun) before submitting another (hopefully the next-to-last) revision....Instead I'm clicking around on the computer, playing with this create-a-doll program. If only revising were this easy. I sent the latest copy to a couple friends, including my mentor, Joyce (who wisely suggested moving a few chapters around to create more of a narrative arc). I teach this stuff in class...yet when it comes to my own writing, it's not always easy to spot "what goes where."

When someone asks, "When is your book coming out?" I want to say, "Book? What book?" Because now I feel like hiding. Maybe it's stage fright. Or I've read the thing so many times, I'm sick of it now. I see a sentence and think, "That sucks. How could I write something so lame?" The next morning, I check it out and it seems fine. I think I need more coffee....