end credits

Do you listen to music while sitting at the computer, typing out a world on paper? It's almost time for me to let go...and say goodbye to the characters that I've created. They're in good hands now. But as the final credits roll, I can't help remembering the music that served as the soundtrack to my book:

The Arcade Fire: Rebellion: Lies

"People say that your dreams are the only things that save ya."

Interpol: Precipitate

"You'll greet my vapours every time that you pass through this room."

Dubstar: Stars

"But as the stars are going out and this stage is full of nothing."

Built To Spill: Strange

"This strange war of promises Let's call this a truce. Call it the truth."

Pixies: Debaser

"Don't know about you but I am un chien Andalusia"

Max Avery Lichtenstein: Tarnation

(soundtrack from the film)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Is This Love?

"You're so much different than me. Yeah, I know."

The Knife: Heartbeats

"To call for hands of above to lean on wouldn't be good enough for me, no."

Bloc Party: Blue Light (Engineers anti-gravity remix)

"And you didn't even notice when the sky turned blue. And you couldn't tell the difference between me and you."

Neutral Milk Hotel: Naomi

"I'm hoping she will soon explode into one billion tastes and tunes."

Bloc Party: Like Eating Glass

"Got a fear of the ocean like drinking poison, like eating glass. It's so cold in this house."

Sufjan Stevens: That Dress Looks Nice On You

"I can see a lot of bright in you."

Squarepusher: Square Window

The Chemical Brothers: One Too Many Mornings

The Shins: Caring is Creepy

"I think I'll go home and mull this over before I cram it down my throat."

Secret Frequency Crew: Aqua

Tegan and Sara: Walking With A Ghost

"No matter which way you stay, you're out of my mind."

The Go Team: Everyone's a VIP to Someone

You can bet...I'll be bringing my Ipod to NYC next month when I meet my editors for the second time...