Eight Things

Okay. I can be a bit obsessive about the things I love. And I can't resist making lists. So when this meme flew my way, I jumped at the chance to share. Eight Things:

1. Custom candy for my book release party, courtesy of Lollipop Creations

2. Old-school mix tapes. This one's from my friend, Kelli. She included her own ambient tracks between the songs: a pack of wild dogs in Romania, drag queen karaoke, and my boyfriend's first car (which coughed in 4/4 time while he learned to drive stick).

3. Frye Campus Boots. The sturdiest pair of heels, perfect for puddle-stomping. Just a few weeks ago, one of my students came up to me in class. "Why do you wear boots in Miami? Isn't it too hot?" he asked.

I stared at the motorcycle helmet, half sliding off his head. He wore a hot pink sarong and no shoes.

4. Fancy tea. Pour boiling water over the hand-sewn packets and they blossom into oceanic flowers. This pot is called Red Bloom by Adagio Teas.

5. Siamese cats. Preferably, the old-fashioned "apple head" variety, like my lilac point, Sula (all tuckered out from chasing balls across the living room floor. She bats them like a volleyball player spiking below the net).

6. Wallpaper patterns...on anything: cotton dresses, velvet stationary, quilts, you name it.

7. I have a thing for frogs. (Yes, it's weird). In my backyard, I hear the Cuban tree frogs croaking in their barritone voices after it rains. This little prince came from the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

8. Telephone Poles. They play tic tac toe with the sky.

And, of course...the smell of new books. But I didn't have to tell you that.